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El Altar Lakes


This walk, goes true various moorlands of the south-west of the National Park Sangay all the way through the Italian campsite at 4670 masl (15321,52 fasl).  This viewpoint is the closest peak of the Altar Volcano.  This is one of the most amazing and breath taken areas of our trekking.  There are various lakes which they were formed, because of glaciers.   Amount them you may find and are able to be explore are :  Verde Lake, Azul lake, Pintada Lake, Maduro Lake, Quindecocha Lake, and Engallinada Lake.   These wonderful array of lakes form our human treasure which comprehends the SANGAY NATIONAL PARK.

The hiking to these lakes is not that difficult; however, there are not roads but exclusively a walk trail.  Thus, it takes several hours and/or days.  The hiking is done through the same route as to climb the Cápac Urco or ¨The Creator´s wonderful creation¨ as Humboldt has said it.

A great peace reigns among these areas.   It is a very attractive and fulfilling the walk, enjoying the view and the marvelous scenes.

The calera reflects the great peaks, and glaciers.  There you´ll see many dears drinking water, at the lake´s borders you´ll see rabbits jumping around and wild horses and cows, while in the sky you´ll see cóndors flying around.

These array of lakes which are at different levels, its forms, and its water colors appears to detached from EL Altar.  This illusion makes you visit while worth it and unimaginable.


  • The hike begins from Cubijes then about 5 hours walk from the Inguisay, we will go through the Puelazo ranch to arrive at the lakes.


  • The weather in these areas are very unpredictable because they are surrounding the volcano (El Altar).  Proper preparation is recomended.
Estimated hiking time Physical Level Technical Level Highest Altitude Minimum Altitud
4 dias


(  ) Low
(  ) Medium-Low
(x) Medium
(  ) Medium-High
(  ) High
(x) Low
(  ) Medium-Low
(  ) Medium
(  ) Medium-High
(  ) High
4 670 masl 3 600 masl



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