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Cerro (Hill) Fuya Fuya 4286 masl (14074.8 fasl)

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there is no official difference between hills and mountains.  The customary believe is that hills are less steep and not as high, but both have a summit.

The Fuya Fuya has an elevation of  4.290 masl which is the highest point of the Mojanda Mountain Range located at 2 hours drive from Quito.  The climbing at first is a bit steep, then after negotiated it; you´ll take a very enjoyable hike throughout rock and have and spectacular view of the mountain range and its lakes.

This mountain is one of the most preferred hills in town because its diversity in the techniques used to climb it up.  There are three paths that takes you to the summit,

where you will be able to enjoy an spectacular  view of the neighbor mountains like

the Imbabura, Cotacachi and  Cayambe.

The weather is moderated; This is, about 7 and 9 celsius degrees.

There is a variety of wild animals such condors, eagles, wild rabbits, and curiquingues, (see photo below)


Among these specias we find the polilepis which is considr like a forest species, scrubland,

and the famous “sunfo” which is the equivalent to the mint plant.

Other Attractions
• Taxopamba Waterfall:   This is another site which can be visited.  It is about 4 km towards the Mojanda lakes.  A 25 minutes walk is required but the view of the waterfall is worth the walk..

  • In this area, due to the egological fragility; it is only allow to do walks within the pads and climbing are only allow to the Yana Urku and the Fuya Fuya.


We will depart from Quito around 0800hrs.  It will take 2 1/2 hours to drive to the base, from were it will take 2 more hours reach the summit..

Our Services Include:

  • Private transportation to and from Quito
  • 1 professional guide member of ASEGUIM (Ecuadorian Association of Mountain Guides)
  • Cold Lunch box at the summit

Our Services Do Not Include

  • Climbing equipment (boots, sun glasses, raincoat, hat, etc.)
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips

Technical Specs

  • Approximately              2 1/2hrs HIKE
  • Physical Level                MEDIUM-LOW
  • Technical Level              MEDIUM
  • Altitud                              Lower   4000masl     Higher      4286masl


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